Skype Trumpet & Improvisation
Lessons with Richard Boulger


Now you can study trumpet and improvisation with me from wherever you are in the world via SKYPE. Customized Lessons are created to help you reach your musicial goals, improve your SOUND, ENDURANCE, FACILITY, RANGE, and overall trumpet playing as well as develop your OWN voice as an improviser. 

Richard’s dedication to the jazz art form has given him great credit within the jazz industry. Not just his own ability to play, but his creative teaching methods. Anyone looking to take the next step to improve the way they play and create music should give his Skype lessons a try. His teaching methods are simple and progressive and he has created excellent backing tracks to practice with, making learning the jazz idiom enjoyable. He is a truly stunning musician.
— Mark Upton. UK - Trumpet Royal Marines - Endorsed artist at Eclipse Trumpets

I will teach you how to create your own original lines and melodies as well as musical compositions using my own unique method of teaching that has evolved through years of private study and practice with such trumpet and music masters as Freddie Hubbard, Donald Byrd, William Fielder, Ludmila Ulehla and many more! If you’re serious about improving yout trumpet playing and finding your own voice as an improvisor and composer, I am ready to work with you! I work with ALL levels of players (beginner, come back, advancd to pro players)

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All Lesson Are:  

  • Recorded and posted (unlisted on Youtube) so you can review as many times as you wish. 

  • Customized and will address your specific goals as a player. 

  • Include original play-along tracks and PDF’s 

  • Follow up email support

Richard is not a musician but a magician. I know many trumpet lovers like me, who are middle age and in a different profession, who love the trumpet but hesitate to start playing. Here is my story: I was 39 years old, a photographer, and loved jazz and Miles Davis. I was thinking about studying the trumpet for almost three years but had heard how difficult the trumpet could be. (I had previosuly visited a trumpet instructor who showed me a hard and painful process which discouraged me from continuing to study.) I could not see myself getting to the point where I could sit and play the trumpet for myself and enjoy it, so, I quit!
I started learning trumpet with Richard, and suddenly all that hardship and frustration changed to pleasure! Richard carefully listened to what my trumpet playing and musical goals were, and made up a lesson plan to help me achieve my goals. As I am writing this, one year has passed since we first began working together, and I sit in the park improvising with my trumpet while people pass by and look at me as a trumpet player. That’s why he is a magician!
— Mehrdad Naraghi Tehran, Iran

As well as being a phenomenal master of the trumpet, Richard is passionate about teaching, a rare combination.  He has an engaging and patient manner, creates a comfortable environment and simplifies the learning process by breaking down the component skills needed.
Richard has helped me spend my practice time more effectively and efficiently. My tone and range has improved thanks to Richard’s teaching methodology and he has helped me find more freedom to enjoy playing with mind, body and heart.
— Will Parker, New York

Hello everyone, my name is Joel Burt and I have been studying with Richard Boulger for a little over half a year. I just wanted to take the time to tell you about how much my playing vocabulary and proficiency of the horn have increased in this short amount of time. Granted, putting in the hours into the instrument is one thing, but knowing what to work on is another! This is where Richard Boulger helped put me on track to my musical ‘life long’ journey. If you are looking for a trumpet teacher/coach to increase your musical adventure, I strongly suggest checking into a lesson with Richard Boulger.
— Joel Burt, New Iberia, LA

I am an adult in New York, working in mid-town and learning trumpet, as my newest latest hobby, pretty much from scratch and, since I’m interested in trumpet via a jazz orientation, I can hardly think of what one would do better than taking lessons with Richard Boulger.
Now, forewarned - I am but a beginner in so much and fairly ignorant in so many things, but, Richard seems to take a quite spiritual and holistic approach to teaching how one expresses, and more simply - amplifies - their own singing voice through the modulation of the trumpet, perhaps highly influenced by, what I see as, the late 60s free jazz turn to the eastern chant-like, vibrational and meditative candle-flame spirituality of a number of musicians, obviously characteristic, I think, of John Coltrane and others, perhaps like Albert Ayler. But, as far as I can tell, his sound and style is quite clean, and he seems to reference so many of the things he proudly learned from Freddie Hubbard.
Richard offers no royal road to the trumpet; it’s hard work.
In my case, we drill on the open mouth piece, the open leadpipe, clear tones, chromatic steps, lip fluttering, singing and call and response, and some songs. The trumpet is not an easy instrument, but, if one comes with clear reasonable step-wise goals, Richard is inspirational enough, I think, to make one want to endure the tough journey, loving the vistas along the way. In truth, he’s an open and inviting guy who just loves to play the trumpet and his joy at showing others the way just shines through.
In short: I am more than happy to write this recommendation if it helps others find their own path to playing trumpet through Richard, and, I believe that he can help them find their way.
— Philip Hood, New York