Lookin' Up (Digital Download)
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Lookin' Up

Lookin up is a tribute to the late Freddie Hubbard. It is based on a phone message he left for me shortly before his passing. Over a period of more than 15 years Freddie and I spoke frequently by phone, and often at length. He was a deep inspiration for me, both as friend and mentor. I am truly honored to have had a chance to know him as I did. The spirit of him and his music continue to inspire all who knew him.

August Blue is dedicated to my father, Richard Boulger, Sr., who passed in 1990. August was always his favorite time of the year: That time of year meant horse racing at Saratoga, our annual family visits to Lake George, and then over to New Hampshire to Hampton Beach and Rye Beach.

Near the end of this track two trumpets playing as one is symbolic of my Dad and me. One of the horns is playing an original melody of my father he used to play for me as a boy.

My father and I often would sit and watch the ebb and flow of waves at the ocean. I understand now what he meant...  "The ocean calls us; sometimes we just have to see it to remember that voice."

The track also features the bass playing of Gene Perez along with the drums and percussion of Victor Jones and Lucito Quintero, respectively.

Care was recorded for my sister, Carolyn, who has been a continuing inspiration and support for me. I am grateful to have such a wonderful sister!

A Prayer for Peace features the vocals of Cameroon-born Francis Mbappé; they convey the hope and spirit of the title.

Be One also features the vocals and bass playing of Francis. This is the first recording with my own lyrics.

You Can Be is dedicated to the kids and staff of PS 178 in Brooklyn. Since 2007, I have worked with them when my rehearsal and performance schedules have permitted. I am grateful to both the kids and the staff for their inspiration and spirit. This track features the children of PS 178 on the school's playground, along with the voices of two young trumpeters on the rise: Hakeem Leonce (What up Mr B?) and Tiera Thompson (You Can Be...)

Somebody's Dream was originally inspired by my nephew, Ryan Wallace. Joining us on this track is bassist Gary Foote.

For Now is an opening prelude to Sunrise , which features the bass playing of Gene Perez along with the percussion of Lucito Quintero. Also featured on the track is the piano playing of Dario Boente. I am truly grateful to have had a chance to record with Dario. His talents and energies are a big part of this entire project. 

Lookin Up closes with One People One World and features the soulful vocals of Brent Carter.

I met Brent on the recommendation of bassist Gary Foote, who also is featured on this same track. Clearly Gary was right, as Brent was no doubt the best choice for our collaboration.

In addition to me, the horn section consists of my close friend, saxophonist Kris Jensen. I have had the pleasure of playing and recording with Kris many times and he is always my first call saxophonist. The track also features no less than 17 of my friends, each of whom represents a respective nation. My hope is that this track may heighten our awareness of our true global unity with each and all. We truly are One People One World!